Introduction ...

ISJP study is based on Wilhelmsen cataloging plates and makers. I have been solving some of weaknesses in category. Meiji woodblock was skillful, . Copper plate and  photo-lithographs followed..   sekihan

MAEDA  surpasses WADA as maker of koban litho facsimilespostcards and playing cards were bulk of his trade.   Spiro - a look back.... my view MAEDA is SPIRO.

all but 1 5x5 koban sheets sourced to Japan... the Aachen 5rin was acquired in Germany ...

In recent times , Gerhard Lang-Valchs  introduced me to PR TORRES of Spain.  so I began researching classic albums and catalogs of europe. increasingly more TORRES fakes are emerging ...
investigations have shown - stamp packets are more predominant ... illustrations or unused fakes  >  cancelled packet fakes  roots of philately  begin with facsimiles .  TORRES values to search below.

  • classic albums of europe yielded koban illustrations. SENF offered steel engraved  facsimiles = these form basis for fakes ,  I have merged these in ID charts
  • TORRES .early woodblock and litho imperfs are beyond the ISJP 2003 CD on forgeries.  illustrations bear cancels as fakes  from illustration  .> album catalog > cancel > stamp packet
  • both OK and NK litho fakes derived from MAEDA KB4 and D11 underprints ... 
  • MAEDA-Spiro koban  botas are scarce , implying sold as packet singles ...  Not 1 Spiro sheet has surfaced.

readers are urged to send scans of unusual collection items for inspection .   I am reviewing my archives and streamlining by topic and designers... StampCat database is constantly changing, so edits are inevitable to posts ...  use keyword search box . CTL+ will enlarge images ...



STAMP packets and market growth in Meiji Japan


In Japan, Kotaro Wada was only supplier of copper-plate facsimiles... Maeda Kihei produced all litho-koban -  including spiro group. original woodblock masters could be multiplied faster by lithography. tourist sheets booklets albums and stamp packets followed ...  Both produced  pricelists of their items.       WADA placed ads in UK but was banned from doing so by Pemberton.   Stanley Gibbons visited Yokohama shops after selling his business in London.   He likely was interested  in Maeda and Wada

dealers and wholesalers exported abroad ...  the facsimile makers led sellers of genuine Japanese issues. globally scarcity is what drove philatelic market and knowlegebase.   the Paris worlds fair sold 50000 tourist sheets (Gely)  London Exhibition  more ...Wada sunami ...

IJP sold remainder sheets @ 15% face value

Yoshizawa & Co. Price-List of Japanese Postage Stamps, Cards and Rrappers 

ex Florian Eichhorn collection

gauranteed genuine ... scarcity shown in table below

H A RAMSDEN  also made tebori facsimiles and packets. these are 12X9 matrix sheets either unused or
negative cross , kiban cancelled.  dealer Jun Kobayahawa, in Yokohama  unkown if he made koban sheets ?

In europe, TORRES of Spain illustrated most of classic albums and journals of the time.  I am still finding koban fakes,  based on album designs + cancel forms.    so lots to search for ...  design change over time - crude to superb.


IJP 2sen OK

Fancy cancel (JFC) of Ohara in Bizen province..

.JFCs are scarce on old koban 2 sen.

 Narumi’s “Encyclopedia of Postal Cancellation” 郵便消印百科事典, 2007.

TORRES style

  • commonality ROMAJI
  • KANJI 
  • balloons vaty
  • frame border vary


U imperfs as PO notice ...

I recall 1 PO produced facsimiles